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Bliss-stick S.C.U.D. Creeker in PORT KENNEDY, Western Australia for sale

Bliss-stick S.C.U.D. Creeker
Bliss-stick S.C.U.D. Creeker
Bliss-stick S.C.U.D. Creeker
Bliss-stick S.C.U.D. Creeker

The SCUD is without doubt the shortest creek boat ever made. That’s only part of the story……. The big surprise is the hull. This is a no compromise, full on play boat hull. Playboat performance in what is truly a creek boat. It's fast and it flies and it's the next step in the kayaking evolution. You'll have to try it to believe it, as everyone who has so far has been instantly converted. It's safe, easy and most certainly as much fun as you can possibly have with your kayaking gear on. Boofing is auto and it's so light and compact and such a bomber little shape and that it totally changes the way we think about getting down the river.
Length 203 cms ⁄ 6'7.9"
Width 66 cms ⁄ 26"
Height 36 cms ⁄ 14.2"
Weight 17 kg ⁄ 37 lbs
Volume 248 ltr ⁄ 65.5 gal
Usual scratches for a kayak that has seen some great white water.
I also have a Rhino spraydeck to fit this kayak for $50 extra